Pet Portraits

What is it you love most about your pet?

Maybe it’s the way they let out a soft little grunt when you give them a squeeze, or the way they do a little dance and spin around when they know it’s time for treats? Or maybe it is the way they know you so well that they can sense when you’re having a bad day, so they give you all their extra love, attention and cuddles. It could even be a unique feature of theirs: do they have the cutest under-bite? Do they have the most beautiful, soulful eyes you’ve ever seen? Maybe it’s just the way they look at you with those sweet eyes, filled with so much gratitude and loyalty for all your love and companionship.

Whatever that delightful little thing is that makes your bond with your pet so special, Deineira is guaranteed to bring it out in her photographs. Your pet will feel comfortable and at home with Deineira because she shares a very strong and unique bond with all animals. This special gift allows her to meet your fur-babies where they are at both physically and emotionally to help them blossom and bring out the beautiful qualities that make them unequivocally them.

We know the importance of capturing what you so dearly love about them, and it is our honor to accomplish that with you.

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