At Soulful Exposures we believe your pet’s memories deserve to be preserved, treasured, and reminisced over for lifetimes to come.

Tangible photographs should be a part of your life on a daily basis to serve as a reminder of the simplest, most important times in your life that are dearest to your heart.

We take great pride in having the responsibility of leaving your pets legacy with you to be fully appreciated and adored forever.

I wish I could express what a remarkable feeling it is to see your pet angel displayed as fine art in your home, or the tear it will bring to your eye to reminisce on in the days after they are gone. Or even the gratitude you will feel as you look at their portrait every day and recall the many ways that sweet little angel changed your life for the better.

Our initial portrait sitting fee is $250. This is a commission to the artist to design and photograph your custom photo session. It encompasses the private design consultation, the photo shoot itself, interior design planning, editing of images, private reveal session, your artwork ordering appointment, and artwork installation.

The amount you decide to invest in artwork is completely up to you, we only want you to purchase what you love! Prints start at $190, most clients invest between $1000 and $5000 in artwork to cherish and display in their homes for generations to come. This includes wall art, albums, story boxes, and digital negatives.