At Soulful Exposures, we want to be sure you get the most from your portrait sessions. With our heirloom quality products, your photos are guaranteed to last for generations to come. We are not just putting digital files on a hard drive to be lost and forgotten, we are creating tangible masterpieces to behold a legacy.


The Heirloom Matted Album

Our matted album is hand crafted in Nashville, TN. Made with a sharp eye for detail and strict archival standards. The mats within are the best quality mats available - made from 100% cotton museum rag board which feels just as luxurious as it sounds. Each album cover is made with the most exquisite materials of linen found around the world.


The Museum Quality Canvas

The museum quality canvas is a piece of furniture for your walls. Choose from a beautifully framed canvas or a 2” Gallery wrapped canvas. Articulately designed and crafted to last for lifetimes to come. Durable enough to bounce a tennis ball on or even clean with Windex! See below to learn how the canvases are crafted and how they are designed to last for generations.

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