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Each of Deineira’s carefully picked partners create stunning museum quality showpieces, including: matted albums, framed or gallery wrapped canvases and even hand painted oil portraits. All eloquently crafted in the United States by hand.

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Here at Soulful Exposures, we love our pets as much as we love our families. Your pet photography session will bring out the best of your furry friends, along with all their fun little quirks. Deineira is great with animals of all kinds, and without a doubt she cannot WAIT to meet yours.
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Meet the Artist:

Hi, I’m Deineira. I want to introduce myself by first asking you a quick question. How often do you look at your pet the same way they look at you? With those gleaming eyes of adoration and contentment.
If you love your pets like I do, that answer is every day. This special kind of bond we share is what ignited Soulful Exposures into existence. We are the unapologetically proud pet parents who love our pets as if they came from our own DNA. Your pets deserve to be celebrated, and you deserve a keepsake of how much you cherish those beautiful, sweet, loving, loyal souls. Even more importantly, you deserve a keepsake of how much THEY cherish YOU. My mission is this: Their love, their legacy, everlasting.